The Business of firefighting is deeply rooted in providing customer service to citizens in need of assistance. While originally based in firefighting and protection of property, the fire service today embraces a wide variety of technologies and functions. However, the main mission continues to be providing emergency assistance to citizens at their hour of need. The fire service embraces new missions, including emergency medical services, technical rescue, hazardous materials, water search and rescue, and motor vehicle rescue operations. The RFPD is committed to being an active member in the quickly and forever changing field of fire and emergency services. As our community grows and changes, we will also grow and change. We recognize and respect the honor and privilege that is a tenet of our position as firefighters for our community. We will continue to strive to find new and better ways to fulfill our mission of service to our community.

The RFPD offers a variety of services to citizens of and visitors to the district. In a rapidly changing emergency services environment, the RFPD needs the talents of its volunteers to provide firefighting, fire prevention, and fire safety services. Our firefighters are certified Basic Operations Firefighters by the Office of the State Fire Marshall of the State of Illinois. Some members are also certified in Technical Rescue Awareness and Hazardous Materials Operations. Additionally, members are licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health to provide paramedic and basic emergency medical service response services. Among the certifications Rochester Paramedics and EMTs maintain are, certified Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals. Search, rescue, motor vehicle rescue operations and water search rescue and recovery services are also available as needed.

In addition to the emergency fire, emergency medical services, and rescue services provided in an emergency twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of every year, the RFPD also offers a series of non emergency services as listed below:

  1. Fire Safety
  2. Fire Prevention
  3. CPR
  4. First Aid and Safety
  5. Fire Drills
  6. Custom fire, health, or safety education as requested

Requests for fire, first aid, CPR, or safety education should be directed to the Rochester Fire Protection District at 217-498-7121.