RFPD Apparatus Fleet

RFPD apparatus are classified according to the functions they perform. The apparatus deployed by the District all have specific functions ranging from pumping water to carrying advanced life support equipment. Most of the apparatus in the RFPD Fleet also serve secondary functions in support of emergency services operations. While Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and members are our most valuable asset, RFPD apparatus are also an important component of the District’s service delivery mission. The RFPD believes a well functioning apparatus fleet is one of the keys to successful fire and emergency services operations. 


Rochester Fire Protection District Engines provide delivery of Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Members to requests for service. The engines provide water, hose, appliances, equipment, and emergency medical services equipment. Both of our engines provide pumping of water capabilities rated from 1000 to 1250 gallons of water per minute. To initiate firefighting RFPD engines also carry 1000 gallons of water in their on board tanks. 


Due to the lack of water supply in the most of the rural areas services by the RFPD the district maintains a tender to haul water. The moble water supply apparatus in service with the district carries 3000 gallons of water. The district is also able to provide the tender to other fire protection districts through our mutual aid agreements.


Rochester Fire Protection District Squads provide supplemental services including transportation for firefighting, medical, and rescue operations. Additionally, each squad is designated with a variety of services in mind. 

Other Apparatus

Rochester Fire Protection District Firehouse

The Rochester Fire Protection District Firehouse represents a first step towards the future for the RFPD. Built in 2003 at a cost of 1.4 million dollars, the firehouse is designed to provide public service for the next sixty years. There is room for public use, education, training, administration, and facilities for housing full-time firefighters. The firehouse has sixteen bays to allow storage of District apparatus, a communications room, a shop, and a utility room to support fire, emergency medical services, and rescue missions. The firehouse is a public building that is available for meetings related to civic organizations and public tours.